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    Evolution of the Database

    First number: creation year of the current database engine
    Second number: indicates major improvements
    Third number: indicates minor improvements
    Installation date in brackets (yyyy.mm.dd).

    Version 2002.0.0. (2002.10.8):
    Beta 1 release of the database with main functions: data deposition/modify and search.

    Version 2002.0.1. (2002.10.31):
    Minor improvements on the Beta 1 release: "family history" and "Number of unrelated cases" boxes added to the mutation submisson form.

    Version 2003.0.0. (2003.02.25):
    Minor improvements on the Beta 1 release: HAEreg (www.haereg.org) identification number box added to the mutation submission form.

    Version 2003.1.0. (2003.03.17):
    Beta 2 release of the database. Significant improvements on the grafical interface. Several new links under the Info on HEA link. Mailing list function added. Bug fixes (minor corrections) on the database engine.

    Version 2003.2.0. (2003.04.14):
    Alpha 1 release of the database. Improvements on grafical interface, and several bug fixes on the database engine. "Add note" function came availabe for registered users. Previously subscribed temporarly data deleted, permanent users added.

    Version 2003.2.1. (2003.12.10):
    Minor improvements: mutations sorted by their positions, statistics page.

    Version 2003.3.0. (2004.03.01):
    Graphical database is created, and available for download in HAEdb.

    Version 2005.1.0. (2005.01.08):
    Security update.

    Version 2005.2.0. (2005.04.26):
    New numbering system, paralell use of the HUGO recommendations and traditional mutation nomenclature.